VoiceOver Studio

I own and operate my professional recording studio for the convenience of my clients in the United States and the rest of the world.

My facility is equipped with all the standards to record the spoken word and includes only high-end equipment. My soundproof recording booth, designed by Acoustic Systems, delivers the intimacy and flatness that is a must for voice-over recording.


A large arsenal of high-end microphones specialized for voice-over recording is available as an added value. You can chose from the top three voice-over microphones in the industry: the Neumann U87Ai, The Sennheiser MKH 416 and the Manley Reference Cardioid.

Any of these microphones can be combined with one of many microphones pre-amplifiers like the Avalon, Neve, Millennia among many other.

Spanish VoiceOvers are recorded in my Mac Based Avid Pro Tools HD 11 Digital Audio Workstation clocked by the Apogee Big Ben.

For long distance session my studio is equipped with Source Connect Pro, ISDN and Skype Patch, so my clients overseas can listen the recording session and direct me if the want.